Fantasy Fest Body Paint in Key West

Fantasy Fest Body Paint in Key West - China

Is it Real or is it Body Paint?
Fantasy Fest summons some of the best body paint artists from all over the world to create their masterpieces on the bodies - faces, breasts, backs, abdomens, derrières and legs of Key West's party goers.

Body paint can range from whimsical designs to parodies of the great masters. Often it is difficult to tell whether someone is painted or in a costume. The detail of this artwork is amazing. An elaborate Chinese tunic with intricate brocade flowers or a football jersey complete with shaded shoulder pads from a distance can look like an actual garment, but closer examination reveals that there is nothing more on the skin than a layer of colorful paint.

This temporary medium can run anywhere from $50 up to several hundred dollars and generally lasts only one day. Body Painters can be found all along Duval Street, ready to create a masterpiece uniquely for you. Come with a picture, idea or partial costume and they will take care of the rest. The price and time required depend on the amount of detail of the artwork.

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