Liquid Latex Body Paint Pictures

Liquid Latex Body Paint
Liquid Latex Body Paint
  • BEFORE GETTING STARTED - Patch test first the liquid latex to see if there is any allergic reaction. Testing can be done by painting a small area on the arms or legs. Observe it for a couple of hours and then remove to see if there is any reddening, irritation or undue skin sensation. A slight itching may be normal but if there is a persistent, uncomfortable sensation, discontinue using it. Another reminder is that liquid latex absorbs anything that is made of cloth or with a fabric surface. Beneath the paiting areas, put some sort of plastic tarp, drop cloth or non-absorbent like tile. Wear old or protective clothes when doing it. Liquid latex contains a small amount of ammonia, let the container be open for a few minutes before starting to get rid of the smell. The best brush to use is the foam and rollers.
Liquid Latex Body Paint
  • LETS DO IT - First, shave or trimmed-short the hairy parts of your body which you are going to paint. Then apply a liberal amount of body lotion, rub it well and let it dry. If the latex is going to be worn for a long period of time, lotion may not be necessary as the skin will perspire and loosen the latex over time. Don’t let the two painted parts of the body touch each other, they will bind instantly and tear the latex. After it all done, the surface needs to be sealed or finished. Use a water/silicone-based polish, like on your car, or a metallic powder called STARDUST.
Liquid Latex Body Paint - latex nurse sexy Halloween
  • REMOVING IT - To remove, cut it out safely with shears or by just pulling in order to torn. The longer the latex has been worn, the easier to pull it off the body. Apply a little lotion or oil for easily removal.
Liquid Latex Body Paint

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