Body Painting Gallery by Pashur Body Painter

Body Painting - For the Love of America

The heart shaped fingers were a last minute decision during the photo shoot

Body Painting - Ocean Princess

This model was body painted and photographed in a small hotel room in Boca Raton, Florida. Special Note: The model is originally from Brazil and is part of my Women of the World Series

Body Painting - Eternal Lovers
The two figures make the subtle shape of a heart. This image is part of my Romance series.

Body Painting - BombSheDevil

This model was painted as a test shoot for a costume contest

Body Painting - Revelation

The book of Revelation talks about the end of time and judgement and
punishment of the wicked. The whip in the models hand along with an angelic
armor design helped me coin the title for this piece.

Body Painting - Every 7 Seconds

I wanted to create a design where a character interacts with the body it is painted on. They say every seven seconds a man thinks about sex. I came up with the idea for this piece and then my friend Brian Wolfe suggested the title for it which was too appropriate not to use. This image is part of my Cartoon Style series.

Body Painting - Killer Body

Whether you are pro life or pro choice this image should make a statement. Something to look more closely at, is why would someone wearing a wedding ring be getting an abortion. Is this piece more about anti abortion or more about cheating spouses?

Body Painting - The Dolphin's Playground

The model liked dolphins so I created an underwater scene with a dolphin

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